PAJUSCO TECNOLOGIE: wood, iron, people
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Pajusco Tecnologie has been producing machines for the tanning industry for over 60 years.
Pajusco Tecnologie machines are fitted with equipment and control systems that make all production processes safe, economic and reliable.


Experience, research and assistance are guiding values of the young pool of managers and technicians who animate Pajusco Tecnologie.

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Seasoning is one of the fundamental stages in processing wood. Pajusco Tecnologie uses a mixed drying system. The wood is dried for a period of 16-18 months in the open air, protected from direct sunlight, until it reaches saturation point (a humidity content of 20%). During this period the wood is regularly treated to make sure that no fungi and bacterial activity develop due to pockets of intramolecular humidity.
This process ensures stability in the structure of the wood, high strength properties related to torsion and bending and therefore a long working life for the drum.


Drums, paddles and other equipment supplied by Pajusco Tecnologie are tested in the factory before being shipped -assembled or to be assembled- on site to the different countries around the world. Installation will be carried out directly by our technicians, who also take care of testing, commissioning and operator training. In addition, they will also supply all the necessary instructions for routine maintenance, for cleaning and greasing the moving parts and for all the small details that will allow you to maintain a perfectly efficient system that gives maximum performance


In Italy and abroad Pajusco Tecnologie has an assistance service that is efficient and organised in a modern way, able to respond to any need for intervention in the shortest possible time.

The computer controlled warehouse always has every spare part readily available: from nuts and bolts to motors, which will be fitted by highly skilled staff able to resolve any problems to do with system operation

Pajusco Tecnologie S.r.l. - installazione ingegneria di macchine per concerie


Installation is taken care of solely by Pajusco technicians, who test the machinery once again on site; the layout of the installation, the design of the unit that houses it, as well as the water, electricity and chrome recovery systems are all part of the service that the Pajusco team offers its customers, who will at the same time be given instruction on cleaning and general maintenance of the system in order to ensure efficiency and longevity.